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Promised Land

Have you ever thought about being married, having children, a house with the picket fence and two cute dogs just like in the movies?

Enjoying the ever nice, relaxing sundays, sitting on a wooden chair under a tree with a view to the beach, completely satisfied with how God made things work out in your favor.  You are unusually happy with your corolla and a “stable business (if there is ever such thing). Uncomplainingly enjoying the uncertainty of the corporate industry, fully acknowledging that occasional stressful periods is what makes life seem like a fun adventure.

Then I stare at her face and think to myself, who knew I would be talking like this? When my ambition was mostly evolved around being the guy with the sexiest car, and all the possible degrees on the wall.

In the society view that would always serve as a reminder of how great man I am, and how I never disappointed and always made sure my so distant relatives would smile with unnoticed sight every time I said “I just finished my masters degree, Or I’m moving out of my parents house next month, or I’m a senior consultant at KPMG .Or just about any job that makes me wear a suit or corporate clothes to make me look like I was doing something in the eyes society. All of this, to just fit in their ignorance, closed mindedness, superiority complex and cynical way of seeing the world.

I wanted to so badly show up arrogantly, whilst appearing humble in the high school reunion party, looking like I’m having more success than everyone else.

But now I finally changed my idea of happiness (Thank God).I got rid of the conditioning through experience, ironically the person that inspired to see that picture (no pun intended) digs  a bit of the good life, not in the extreme luxurious sort of way ,but in a more controllable, healthy way, I guess it serves as balance. I love looking at beautiful big houses, penthouses. At the same time I truly admire simplicity, simplistic minimalist luxury.

The first time we spoke she told me about the type of house she wants to live in, when I heard it I screamed loud in my mind “GOD did you hear this?” He probably sent her to me at the right moment in my life.



I’m increasingly neglecting materialism. Attractive and cozy house, that’s as far I’m willing to go, just a personal choice, mother’s genes right there.  I just over hate the thought of being governed by things.

Looking good, living normally, nothing too fancy.

Forget about identifying my lifestyle with the one of the neighbor, or that famous rich attractive and charismatic celebrity opinion about success.

I have seen the other side, no need for a guru or idol to show me the way; I know listening never hurts, if one knows how to filter what’s of no use.

Going back yes I have seen the picture is just I, her and the kids, fantasizing how the first born will be named Genesis.

Thank you


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