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My Experience in Networking Marketing

Around 4pm I get a call from my mother, she says she met someone at the store she was buying furniture from, he invited her to see a small presentation about this company, she didn’t give much details, she told me to meet him, and see what he has to say, it might be a good opportunity, even if you don’t like it its fine.

He was looking for someone who knows a bit about marketing, you were the first person I thought of when he said that – she told me over the phone.

Willy was his name (for privacy purposes) .Willy then called me 30 minutes later asking if I knew anything about multi level marketing. I said no, so we agreed to meet at this popular burger spot close to my workplace. Right after he hung up I quickly went on YouTube and researched multi level marketing.

Mostly listened and carefully read what they were saying in respect of the confusion people had with pyramid schemes, so I grabbed enough info to be certain that the meeting would not be a waste of time. I went to the meeting open minded.

The hour came he showed up with his assistant, he presented the service in a very casual manner, I admired, he spoke about possibilities, five star vacations, and commission based earnings if I want. I was honestly astounded, I could not help but smile, I felt a connection not when he was telling me about all those benefits, but when he finished and we spoke about how he is into personal development and Tony Robbins, he immediately overcame all my objections about not having time. Man did I know what I was getting myself into? One month later I officially joined.



I did Network Marketing for almost a year, I decided to stop due to me losing confidence, and not seeing results, part of it because the people in the country I’m residing do not travel as often as I imagined. I think I didn’t clarify enough what type of product I was selling. Dreamtrips was the product, the company is called WorldVentures; we sold VIP vacation membership for the price of a three star package trip.

Good! So now that we got that out of the way let’s continue.

The fact that the industry doesn’t have a good reputation also is discouraging at times, because you automatically find yourself at the end of the presentation waiting for the person to say: that’s one of those things right?  Have you made any money? Later on I learnt to overcome those questions with not just learned lines, but with honesty, which was hard especially after coming with all that energy and all those promises. But it was the right thing to do.

You have to see the invisible in order to achieve the impossible –Sashin Govender

When you are involved and you love the product and the company culture you ignore a lot of clues people give in respect of the product or company you are representing. Not that they are right, I say this because only later on I realized it’s not our culture to travel overseas ,plus the average income in a household in Maputo/Mozambique  is super low.

Travelling to Dubai was amazing. I felt like a super star, rightfully so, felt like a king, they managed to really fulfill what they promised .it wasn’t cheap. I didn’t yet have the fourth member to stop paying the monthly fees, but it was worth the while, travelling is important, it broadens the mind to new possibilities, and for that I have to thank Worldventures and their hardworking team. The trip was really a dream, could finally fathom out how ridiculously exhausting it is to collaborate and synchronize the thousands of trips happening around the world. The hard work brought billions in revenue.

“The harder the work, the more money it brings”

The company isn’t perfect .It has its dissatisfied representatives. During the whole year as a network marketer I never met any dissatisfied traveler/member yet though. Around the last pages, I list below Tips you may want to consider before joining, but If you already joined that’s cool, it will sure help you along the way, especially if you’re just getting started.

Enough with the preaching! So, when I got back from the trip It made me come stronger, and create better success. Now I had proof of concept and was more determined, the people I approached and pitched to could feel because it was real. Many even people had told me that they had seen the presentation, but the way I presented made them reconsider their first opinion.

Network marketing lifestyle can easily make you feel like a predator. The usual “just invite people and present” it’s kind of exhausting if you are not getting quick results for those actions, by results I mean actual money coming in.

I  get to speak more on this  throughout  the article.

In a country like Mozambique where 82% of the population earns less than two dollars a day is kind of hard convincing people about the dream life, not because they don’t want to, it’s just not a realistic investment for them. It’s Obvious one has to be smart enough to do the diligent work before identifying their target market. The culture factor is real.

Please if you doing network marketing in Maputo or somewhere in a poor African country, and you are beginning to feel discouraged, please don’t. Don’t take my experience as definite, use what’s useful ignore what isn’t.

Try it out, just be smart about it. Because I know you are.

Some will look at this as a justification for my lack of success, others will look at this as a piece of info before going into the venture, or use as fuel to improve their efforts and avoid making some of the mistakes I did.

Whatever you do I’m just glad you took the time to read it, smart people gather data before jumping in blind, although ignorance sometimes its bliss.

Since I already gave you a snippet of the good and bad let me officially speak of the PROS AND CONS


The business of network marketing allowed me to be in front of a lot of people, it helped in creating good relationships, meeting people that I would probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet otherwise, people in high positions, executives, and very successful people. It was the moment of presenting that I got more excited about, knowing that I bring to them something unique. “Five star vacation for the price of three” -That was what I sold. I learnt how to sell, convey the message within 5 minutes without having to present the whole PowerPoint slides. I became more confident speaking in front of a large group which is very important to me and anybody aspiring to be in a leadership position.

It’s a simple business model, excellent for people who aim to learn by action in the areas of  persuasion, relationship building, leadership, sales and business in general.

They have the best people at the training events, the presentations are great. Priceless, can’t express how much I learnt about business and personal development, if they could offer those same training for non members /reps, people would be amazed by the vast golden nuggets they would hear.

It’s perfect if you hate the normal corporate etiquette, it allows you to be who you are, it empowers self motivation, go getterness in the self.

Once you get good you can choose the people you want to work with not just anybody you see.


If you just getting started and you obsessive about learning the scripts they teach, it can really help you build confidence in yourself, talk to people as fast as possible, without being emotional attached to the outcome as you know it’s all a numbers game. If you are building a business you don’t only want people to join because they like you only, you want them to do business because they see a new future.




I often saw the “top dogs” constantly telling you what you are not doing right through the social channels, posting pictures by the beach quoting someone’s secret to success, telling the story of how they became successful. How it happened because they are doing what the 99% aren’t doing, which is partly true, you must be asking how is that a CON. It is for me because they portray the destiny which is good for motivational purposes but they rarely break down the real truth, the constant rejection, how it is  not  easy dealing with it ,how the “ just follow the “system”, is not so simple. They don’t speak about the tiny percentage of IMDs, which is below 1% of all reps .Yes read that again. They sell you a dream that it is good to look up to, but if you are not really down to earth you may become delusional and create false expectation and say Network Marketing doesn’t work, it’s a pyramid.

Network marketing is a promotions game, you have to constantly be promoting without being ashamed of it, the main  goals is to expose to as many people as soon as possible, they don’t teach you how to really market yourself besides inviting people close to you.

They teach you how to network, but not how to do marketing.

Takes a while to have your own system to help the person getting started without being overwhelmed with information, supporting new people with little experience and no mentor can’t be extremely hard. People just learn differently.

Ignorance on steroids

The company or the industry is big on “talk to everyone you know” Don’t think just do, invite and present. Because that’s how the company survives, awareness is not only important; people are more prone to buy a service from a company when a friend or family member suggests them.

I sincerely hated the moments of follow up; you constantly have to babysit people asking questions, as the top earners used to say: You just have to follow the system invite, present, ask the question then follow up; unfortunately things were not as simple. Maybe it’s my fault. I confused the word simple with easy.

In reality you can always tell if they will join at the end of the first presentation.

Scripts offered by the company or industry  don’t sound like you ,and can be a bit manipulative, when you use them it just sounds strange and people will feel weird when talking to you like: “Who the hell are you?”


Very few people are self motivated, you will find yourself babysitting people that don’t want to work, or have any ambition, just joined because it sounded like the right thing to do. My advice to you that are reading, is this: after the prospect says yes to do the business, or travel, ask them questions like: why they want to do it, how often is he or she willing to work on the business, if he or she is coachable.

Overpriced events

The events are in reality worth it in terms of its value, but for people who are just getting started after being told that they only need few hundred dollars to get started, to later find out that he still has to pay for training, it’s terrible.


In Conclusion

For this type of  business you have to really want it, it  can make you a good team player, but I repeat  you have to REALLY want it  in order to overcome the emotional rollercoaster that its constant with the rejections( just like any business).

“I have to talk to my spouse” , waiting for spouses approval in reality is a cute  way of saying no to you  at times. As I worked hard I kind of resented the company though it was mostly me that faltered and failed to see that it takes time.

Nevertheless the invaluable lesson that can only be learnt through actual practice and experimenting, the industry and the business taught me about working effectively. I looked for ways of exposing to more people online and faster, took Eric Worre’s course, paid for the MLSP system for network marketers. It was all worth it, but the financial investment was becoming over burdened.

Looking at it now, I guess it was these type of investments that I underestimated and wasn’t aware would be necessary. But I loved it though, every second of it.

 “While I truly believe you must have intentions to fulfill your dreams, I also think you have to leave room for the universe to have its way and play around a bit. Don’t get so focused on one particular opportunity that you’re blind to other ones that come up. If you think about one thing and talk about it all the time, you are being too obsessive. You might ruin it. If you let yourself meander a bit, then the right things and the right people fall into place. Some things are worth fighting for-But I really think that what is right should be easy. My dad said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result. If something is not working out but you keep hammering it, exact the same way, go after something else for a while. That’s not giving up, that’s just letting the universe have its way.-Sophia Amoroso

Lastly if you motivated to start your network marketing business,  below I listed some tips that I learnt through my experience as well as what many mentors, successful MLM experts say in common:


Tips for who plans to start with Network marketing

  • It’s a numbers game, the more you present the better you get and the more chances you have of increasing your rate – Law of averages.
  • Study the culture in the city you are involved and the people you know very well before you start pitching everyone.
  • Invest in your personal development by reading books about business, network marketing, and leadership.
  • Have a mentor who has achieved what you desire
  • Look for ways of exposing your company online; learn how to use Social media for network marketers whether by investing in a course or watching online content if you are low on your budget.
  • Learn digital marketing, many successful MLM experts have a blog, website, podcasts, or things of that nature.
  • Go to the company events, live the company culture
  • Know the average success percentage in the company, don’t get overhyped.
  • Don’t join a company if you don’t believe in its product or service, because other people can smell from afar when you are in it for the cash.
  • Focus on building a team and helping your team members, that way you will increase more rapidly.
  • Hard fact most people ignore: The average person signs up usually after 4-5 exposures.
  • Don’t go in with a get rich quick scheme mentality because nothing worthwhile ever is.
  • Read about successful business owners, and how they built their business,
  • Reading books about marketing can help you understand people from a customer’s perspective.


Of course you don’t have to master or have all of these  skills at ounce, one at  a time till mastery.

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