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Do you know any of these brands?

Do you know what they have in common?

I will go ahead and answer what you might already know.

YES, you guessed it. CONTROVERSY

Many brands have been purposely racist, but our unconditional love blinds us from the truth that anything offensive thrown at ʺusʺ usually goes unnoticed, if noticed it become viral for so long till our short memory is to blame for our returned purchases at those very stores.

Okay enough with the abstract talk.

Let us look at few examples:

ʺWhite is purityʺ -NIVEA

NIVEA might not have intended to offend anyone, maybe they are referring to the color of its cream or they might want to appeal to predominant white audiences, if the latter is the case then the line becomes an issue.

Let’s see another one

Before and after really? I mean how ignorant and passive-aggressive racist can you be? No further comments on this one. It just shows how the creative heads at companies are completely detached when it comes to social awareness.


This one is a bit problematic even for females ,because kinky and course hair has been demonized for years and black people have had to bend to the white aesthetic especially on corporate America .

In some instances, corporate Africa as well; natural hair can be viewed as a distraction and not complying with the corporate attire.

That brings a question I frequently asked black women:

Why do you wear other people’s hair? Some say is because it’s easier, some say because they look prettier, others because the hair is hard to comb, some say because the boss doesn’t accept.I mean WTF! That is brainwash at its peak.

Why is the last ad a bit tricky though?

Sometimes I have the blind optimism or maybe naivety to some extent to believe that they might not want to intentionally devalue black folks, it may be tremendous ingenuity or miscommunication on their part, but then again it depends on which nation/community the ad is being played. I don’t entitle myself PRO BLACK or ANTI-WHITE. In my life time I was blessed with the opportunity to live in too different cities where the predominant race was white. Sao Luis in Brazil, and Cape Town South Africa, and I can tell  you firmly that racism isn’t something people speak it’s just something you feel. It is intangible but it’s real.

Nevertheless, I prefer to look at the information and the facts in order to digest and make a decision before assuming anything or just following the hype.

On the other hand idealistically speaking if I was in a country where the majority of the population was black, this ad would have a different message, where if advertised in countries such as US and other multiracial or white predominant nations , it automatically becomes offensive.


The last one and the reason why I got inspired to write this piece


Outraging the black community by being insensitive/ controversial so we can speak about it, and make them a trend, it keeps happening, especially because they know no one really stops buying, the boycotts all end online.

South Africans took this to a different level this time, by actually destroying items in the store, and I read different articles saying that H&M expects to close more than 150 stores across the world.

Lesson learnt!

Now other brands will sure be more careful, we live in a very sensitive society. As a black man and Rap fan, I dig H & M clothes not because I’m pro racism or unconscious of some sort but because hip-hop as a black culture drives fashion in a global way, which is another way of self-expression.

Confusing and contradicting I know, this post is not about me , it’s about the unapologetic ads made by some of the power brands to constantly devalue black skin.

Obviously, there is serious insensitive associate to racial issues in media and the world need to do a better job in representing people of color in a positive and true light.

I had this article done 6 months ago.

As I’m re-editing a few things to repost on my official blog ,I have to share with you the latest Heineken ad that was removed due to the same issues above mentioned.

Anyway just wanted to keep you updated

To gracefullu end this article  Ill leave you with a nice little quote by the wonderful Jane Elliot

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