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Your family might be holding you back from success

You most likely notice that the title and the image contradict each other.

Yes, that was done intentionally ,because there is two sides to every coin. Let me tell you why  I chose it that way, stick with me.

Every family(parents) has the default ‘good intention’  mode installed in them, they desire to see their kids become successful, they are the lifetime teachers in the truest form of the word.They are the guardians and  permanent catalyst for our growth and involvement in the world. Nonetheless after a given period ,as you become more aware they  can either  serve as a motivation, or an energy that is constantly pulling you down.

Lets get back to why I decided to start the article  this way ,before you dive in deeper and try making sense of what I’m tying to convey.

Its an article  about family discouraging children’s career choice, today’s  idealistic possibilities in entrepreneurial arena and applying our strengths in areas we are most likely to succeed.

Today’s success is determined by what the main stream decides , and we can all agree that it is mostly defined by the choices you make career wise.  This post therefore  covers how family can negate your definition of career, because of how they were brought up and how  society defines success ,especially now in the age of the internet.

Are you ready to read about the other side of the coin?

See the image  above?

Good enough that it is blurry – pun intended. To me this picture resonates what happens in most households. Don’t get me wrong for what I am about to say ,but misery loves company.

Often times  parents transfer their insecurities to their children ,and the kids end up creating distorted perception about life. It does happen unconsciously, the kids grow up to be just like their parents ,thus never fulfilling their full potential ,because of the fear to disappoint them, or  not meet their parents’ expectation.

As I said before, don’t get me wrong. They love you, they really do. However, following their footsteps ,is not exactly how you see yourself. They want security, it’s not completely their fault, they are coming from a completely different age.

Too bad many moms and dads still oblivious to the changes we are seeing in the world. Now more than ever, we have the ability to do almost anything we want ,of course to a certain degree. I confidently say this because the internet is proof, if you are incompetent and too lazy to climb the corporate ladder, now you can build your own ladder.

Now heading to the business side of things ,it is evident the number of millionaires the internet has created in the last decade including people in Africa. I don’t even have to check the data to sound like I did a deep research on this,it is so obvious, just look at the apps you have on your phone , the life of some Youtubers, or folks involved in stock investment . I’m quite deep into digital marketing ,so I know what I’m talking about.Trust me.

Drifted off the topic simply to make a point that sometimes the discouragement to do great things start from home, lack of faith, belief or  people to look up to as far as success in any area of life.

It takes a lot of suffering before realizing that at some point you are going to have to have  that face to face conversation with your parents ,where you are going to politely tell them to F’ off ,so you can find your wings back and your will to make something out of life. Because for sure not everybody is born to study, find a stable job, get a nice wife or husband, save money, have children then die. I firmly believe there is more to life than that, not that there is anything wrong with that path ,it’s just that times are changing.

That’s when purpose comes to the context; very few people get to find their purpose because more than 50% of  people are living someone else’s. Everybody has a gift, It is our duty to find it and make something out of it.

But then again, our educational system is not in the business of discovering ones true gifts and developing them fully.

Teachers judge our ability by the results on tests and exams in subjects that we barely understand , and we use that very same criteria to determine our chances of succeeding in life -which of course, is not an accurate way of measuring ones potential.

So much that the real successful people,  at least monetarily like the billionaires Steve Jobs and Bill Gates never graduated.

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, GENIUS stands for Geni-in-us. Geni meaning magic. God created every animal, every species to have a especial advantage .

For instance, birds can fly, cheetahs run fast. So if animals have special advantages so does each and everyone of us.

Tiger Woods is a genius in the environment called golf course ,but would not be a genius as a Jockey. Look at Mick Jagger who went to school to be an accountant ,but became a billionaire as a Rolling Stone. Now our job is to have the courage to find our environment like Tiger Woods on the golf course, or Oprah in front of the television , finding the spot where our genius comes out.

That’s what intelligence is.

I’m  personally also trying to figure out the same, and the more I learn ,I realize how much my teachers and lecturers where wrong ,that maybe being an employee is just a bridge for me to get where I’m destined to be. I hope that Marketing and motivation has something to do with it.

Intelligence is don’t do as you are told, but go where you genius can come out. It’s not easy ,it takes persistence and discipline, even Michael Jackson on an interview said that he would practise the spin for at least 6 hours a day.

Therefore, parents I hope you invest in your children and build confidence because they are the ones who will take things forward once you go to the other side. Do what is right not what everybody is doing.

And to my readers, thank you for sticking until the end, hope you enjoyed the read.

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